SocialWorld Terms of Service

By creating an account with SocialWorld, you are required to follow these guidelines. Failure to do so may lead to the temporary lockout of your account, or even the ban of your email and username.

SocialWorld is a free to use social media site intended to be used by anyone with a connection to the World Wide Web. Content must be acceptable for users of many age groups.

1. Privacy

Privacy is very important here at SocialWorld. Because SocialWorld is open to everyone, so are the posts you make. Personal information is not needed when creating an account; with exceptions for a first name, last name, and an email account. Passwords and emails are not viewable from SocialWorld. Emails and passwords are stored inside the SocialWorld account database. All passwords are encrypted numerous times.

Making posts with personal information leaves you at risk. It is not recommended that you leave personal information anywhere on your SocialWorld account. If a post, comment, or user description contains personal information that could leave you at risk of identity theft, your content may be subject to change by an overseeing administrator.

2. Your Rights

As a SocialWorld user, you have the right to make posts that represent you, but by doing so, you are required to follow a rule of content. Some content may not be suitable for SocialWorld and it's users. Therefore, you as a user must follow these set guide lines.

  1. Post and comments should not contain offensive material.
  2. Please avoid the use of copyrighted material.
  3. Posts and comments should not be made to harass an individual.
  4. Any content that may be considered to be adult-only content is not allowed on SocialWorld and may lead to a permanent account ban.
  5. Administator accounts have the right to delete and alter your account if deemed necessary.

3. Security

Every SocialWorld account is reuqired to use a password. All passwords are put through an encryption system. We encourage that you never share your password with anyone. Passwords can not be viewed by anyone on SocialWorld.

Along with passwords, every user is now required to have an email address when creating an account. If you do not have an email address, we are still able to create you an account, but it is not recommended.

4. Reporting Issues

SocialWorld provides users, and non users, the abilty to report issues. If you find an issue, we highly recommend that you report it to us. You can report an issue at our Report page. The following are examples of things that could, and should be reported if found.

  1. A post/comment is missing a username, picture, or date.
  2. A user has no profile picture (including the default profile picture).
  3. A post/comment has content that is not socially acceptable.
  4. A user has posted/shared personal information about themselves or another that leaves them at risk.
  5. A form or action on the site is non responsive or errors appear on the site.
  6. A post/comment contains copyrighted materials or is plagiarizing you or someone else.
  7. A user is pretending to be you or someone you know.

5. Timeout/Account Lockout

Users can be subject to a timeout at any point by an administrative account. If you believe that you, or another user, where wrongfully put into timeout, you can contact SocialWorld support and request the removal of the timeout status.

If a user is subject to many continues timeouts, said user may be subject to a permanent account ban. Users that have been put into a permanent account ban will lose all content that they have made on SocialWorkd.

6. Unsolicited Advertising

SocialWorld is a non commercial site. Posts should not be intended to sell or advertise products or services.

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