What is SocialWorld? Who made this site?
How was this site made? Can anyone have an account?
Who is SocialWorld intended for? Was Bootstrap used to style this site?
What does it mean when a user is in timeout? Are usernames case sensitive?

What is SocialWorld?

SocialWorld is a social media site intended to allow users to make, like, comment, and favourite posts. SocialWorld was developed as the final project for an Open Source Programming class.

Who made this site?

Originally, SocialWorld was developed by three people. Bryan Dlugozima helped design the original layout of "The Zoid", Angus Sharp planned and designed the database for the login system, and Nickolaus Lunz developed and maintained the PHP, XML, SQL, and Javascript files needed to make SocialWorld Run. Rashad Amin later contributed to SocialWorlds' design and execution as a test user, and Richard Tran hosts and maintains the server needed to keep SocialWorld live.

How was this site made?

SocialWorld mostly relies on PHP. Server functions are a key element to processing requests, therefore PHP is the most ideal protocol. The site uses phpMyAdmin and SQL databases to store all of the users, posts, comments, and ratings. Other data, such as tags and bug reports, are stored as XML. These XML files are being called through one of two ways. PHP opens the XML document and prints the results for all the nodes, or Javascript uses the DOMParser to actively write the data to the HTML fields.

Can anyone have an account?

As of version 3 of SocialWorld, anyone is allowed to have an account. To make an account, you will be required to give your firstname, lastname, username, email, and a password. If the username or email is already taken, you will not be able to make an account. If neither are taken, an activation code will be sent to the email address that was specified. You will then be required to input the code so that your account can be made. The reason for this, is to prevent an individual from making more than one account.

Who is SocialWorld intended for?

SocialWorld has no real target audience. That being said, there are some content restrictions. Inappropriate content is not acceptable. Some inappropriate words are filtered and replaced from posts, titles, and usernames. If you find content that is offensive or does not follow SocialWorld Terms, please report the post, comment, or user to the SocialWorld Report page.

Was Bootstrap used to style this site?

SocialWorld does not use Bootstrap. Instead, Javascript and SASS are used to make the appearance.

What does it mean when a user is in timeout?

If a user has done something, such as failure to follow the terms of use, they are put into timeout. This simply means that their account is active, but they will not be able to login until the timeout has been removed. Timeouts are intended to be temporary punishment, or a means of locking a user out as their account is evaluated. A single user is not intended to have many timeouts. Everytime a user receives a timeout, they increase their chances to become subject to a permanent ban of the account.

Are usernames case sensitive?

Usernames are not case sensitive. The usernames are cross referenced with the SQL database which is not case sensitive. Passwords on the other hand are case sensitive because they are encrypted.

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